BREAKING: Deadlock in minimum wage talks as labour leaders walk out of meeting

Efforts to reach a compromise on a new minimum wage for public service workers have stalled again, as representatives from organised Labour walked out of a meeting on Friday.

Sources at the meeting reported that the government failed to propose an amount higher than the N60,000 previously offered earlier in the week.

This latest deadlock raises the likelihood of a strike, with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) indicating that they may begin mobilizing their members.

A press conference has been scheduled for 4 pm at the NLC national headquarters to address the issue and outline their next steps.

The impasse continues despite numerous negotiations aimed at improving the minimum wage for public service workers.

The current minimum wage has been a point of contention, with Labour unions arguing that it is insufficient to meet the basic needs of workers and their families.

The government’s offer of N60,000, deemed inadequate by the unions, has failed to break the deadlock, leading to growing frustration among Labour leaders.

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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