“Father of all nations”: Following 30BG followers’ trolling, Phyna leads Davido into dirt

The Davido-Phyna drama is growing juicier by the minute.Phyna recently called Davido out for being the father of all nations, implying that he had several baby moms. It all started when Davido liked a tweet that was critical of Phyna. Phyna, naturally upset, inquired what she had ever done to him and even congratulated him on the birth of his twins.

Davido reacted by stating he had never met her. The internet exploded with speculation over whether he was speaking the truth. Phyna, visibly moved, remarked that even if Davido didn’t know who she was, God did. She confessed that she was simply being herself and that she had been unfairly portrayed as a nasty person. In a vulnerable moment, she even suggested wanting to change her nationality, implying that she no longer wanted to be a Nigerian owing to the extreme hatred she was suffering.

In recent events, Phyna slammed Davido for having several baby moms. She addressed his supporters who were bombarding her DM with harsh messages, telling them to focus on their “father of all nations,” a reference to Davido’s role as a baby daddy to several children.

“30bg or wetin them dy call Una fuck off my dm and face your father of all nation,

I don’t need your fave to know me, I nor dy waka kurukere waka so I don’t expect him to know me Y’all should run along now, ndi general market.

Wetin result to dms of death threats, e belike

Una wan jons today

Wa zaga.”*

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