“It can result in death” – Law firm raises alarm over Binance executive’s malaria symptoms

The prominent Nigerian law firm Aluko & Oyebode has raised serious concerns about the deteriorating health of Mr Tigran Gambaryan, an executive of the cryptocurrency firm Binance, who is currently remanded at the Kuje Correctional Centre. 

The law firm has issued a stark warning that Mr Gambaryan’s life could be at risk if he does not receive urgent medical treatment.

In a letter addressed to the deputy chief registrar of the Federal High Court, signed by partner C.J. Caleb, Aluko & Oyebode highlighted Mr Gambaryan’s severe health condition and the inadequate medical facilities at the Kuje Correctional Centre. 

The letter, dated May 23 and seen on Sunday, is titled ‘Re: Charge No: FHC/ABJ/CR/128/2024—Application for the Provision of Medical Treatment to Mr. Tigran Gambrayan at Nizamiye Hospital’.

The letter details that Mr. Gambaryan, the head of financial crimes compliance at Binance, has been suffering from severe health issues, including a recent bout of malaria, for which he received intravenous (IV) treatment. 

The law firm emphasized that his condition necessitates comprehensive medical attention at a specialized hospital within the jurisdiction of the court, specifically Nizamiye Hospital in Abuja.

“We continue to act as counsel to Mr. Tigran Gambaryan, the second defendant in the captioned suit pending before the Honourable Justice E. Nwite sitting at Court 9 of the Federal High Court, Abuja,” the letter states. 

It continues, “The 2nd defendant, who is an American citizen and remanded at the Kuje Medium Correctional Facility, is very ill and requires comprehensive medical attention at the best available hospital within the jurisdiction of this honourable court.”

Additionally, they noted Mr Gambaryan’s throat infection and the ongoing renovation works at the Kuje facility, which further exacerbate the unsuitability of the location for his medical care.

“The consul officer at the United States Consul Office in Abuja emphasized the need for the applicant to receive comprehensive treatment because malaria is a severe disease for American citizens which can result in death because they do not have the immunity that ordinary Nigerians have against the disease,” the letter stressed.

On Thursday, Mr Gambaryan collapsed in court.

The letter concludes with a plea for immediate attention from the court: “Given the above, we humbly apply that the applicant be transferred to Nizayime Hospital, Abuja, to receive comprehensive diagnoses and treatment for the preservation of his life. 

“We kindly request that this application be drawn to the attention of the court. We look forward to a favourable consideration.”

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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