“Only 4 persons were abducted” – DHQ denies report of 500 people being abducted in Zamfara

The Nigerian Military has refuted claims circulating on social media that over 500 people were abducted by terrorists in Zamfara State. 

According to Major General Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, only four individuals were abducted in the incident.

Addressing the situation, Major General Buba stated that the exaggerated figures being shared on social media do not reflect the reality on the ground. 

He pointed out that similar misinformation occurred during the Kuriga abduction, where the number of abductees was significantly overstated.

“Troops of Operation Hadarin Daji are actively engaged in ongoing operations in and around Zurmi LGA of Zamfara State.

 “We are fighting a vicious enemy in a complex combat environment where various factors interplay both on and off the battlefield. The virtual reality presented on social media is often a distorted version of the true situation,” he said.

He further stated that the current military leadership has addressed issues related to troop rotation and welfare, ensuring that soldiers are well-supported and focused on their mission. 

“Our troops demonstrate stamina, resolve, and a strong desire to remain focused and stay the course until the enduring defeat of the terrorists and their cohorts,” he added.

The military also acknowledged the need for continued efforts to secure citizens and protect them from terrorist acts. 

Major General Buba assured the public that significant progress has been made in the fight against terrorism, with many terrorist leaders eliminated.

“We are making the terrorists pay a much heavier price than we have been forced to pay,” he stated.

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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