“Peter Obi and I won the 2023 general election”- Datti-Ahmed insists

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, the former vice-presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has reiterated his claim that he and Peter Obi won the 2023 general election.

Accusing the ruling party of manipulating the results, Baba-Ahmed firmly stated that he and Obi were the rightful winners of the 2023 general election.

“I won’t stop saying it, Obi and I won the 2023 general election. The iRev was switched off, results were returned manually, the Constitution was twisted, and the meaning of English language was changed,” he said on Arse TV.

Baba-Ahmed also criticized the Tinubu administration for worsening insecurity, economic decline, and increased corruption.

He pointed to the declining economic conditions and the increased hardship faced by Nigerians.

He noted that insecurity has worsened under Tinubu’s leadership.

“Where are the campaign promises of the ongoing administration, what have they achieved?” he asked. 

“Look at the worsening insecurity, the declining economy, and aggravated corruption. 

“There’s probably a grand scheme to dismember Nigeria into six possibly autonomous zones because the only way to explain these failures is to carry them and run away,” he stated. 

Despite the contentious election outcome and internal challenges, Baba-Ahmed asserted that the Labour Party is in a strong position compared to other opposition parties.

“Labour Party is in a better state today than CPC was in 2015,” he stated.

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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